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"The White House is the most amazing place we’d spent our vacation at."  -- Paola

Guest: Paola (Cleveland, OH)Date of Stay: 12/25/09

The White House is the most amazing place we’d spent our vacation at, the beach is beautiful, very peaceful. The house is extraordinary, very modern; it has open spaces which let you enjoy the breeze coming from the ocean right in front, every space is very comfortable and clean. We made this trip with friends and kids and we all had the best time ever. The staff makes you feel very welcome and they provide all the assistance you request. The town is very small, its people is very nice and friendly. Very close to the house we were able to get massages right on the beach, hearing the relaxing sounds of the ocean…. Just next door you can enjoy a yoga treat and all around there are lovely gourmet & small restaurants. It was something that we’re never gonna forget and we’ll be going back as soon as we can. My husband and I showed the pictures to our friends and family and for next time we’ll have to rent the attached villas, which are as wonderful as the big house.

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